"Death Had a Heart Once" by Godmachine March 23 2015

Death Had a Heart Once - Godmachine

Silver Bow have teamed up with the artist Godmachine for our second online release

This is what the artist had to say about the piece:

"I did this originally as a study to expand my fear of negative space and simple lines. I often have a tendency to over fill everything with detail, Silver Bow approached me and asked if they could do a small run of them and I'm flattered."

Godmachine's study shows us a style we don't often see from him, bright negative spaces and simplistic lines that appear to take from a more graphic novel theme. This would look great as a centre piece on a wall due to its attention grabbing simplicity.

It is an 18" x 24", 2 colour screenprint and will be available from around 16:00 GMT on Monday 23rd March.

It is an edition of 60 and it will be priced at £20.